Real Estate

Have an attorney present at real estate closings

It is always advisable to have an attorney present at real estate closings. Our attorneys will review the many documents required to complete a transfer of real estate, and prepare those documents needed to protect your interest. We will provide you with a full understanding of the documents you must sign.

Unlike many title, transfer or abstract companies, Buzgon Davis Law Offices provide attorney representation, whether we represent the buyer or the seller in a real estate transaction. Home and Land Transfer Company, our title company, is wholly owned by Buzgon Davis Law Offices and provides lawyer representation at no additional charge to you. Our settlement fees are comparable to those companies that do not include attorney representation at settlement.

Advise your realtor or banker that you would like us to handle your settlement. We can provide the added comfort of knowing that your legal interests are being protected in one of the most important transactions of your life.

In addition to real estate transactions, our attorneys handle mortgage financing, property assessment disputes, landlord-tenant concerns, condemnation, and zoning issues.

For more information, contact Timothy J. Huber, Edward J. Coyle, Michael S. Bechtold, or David R. Warner, Jr.